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We believe in following through on every detail. That’s why we take care of every stage in the remodeling process. We carefully remove old materials in accordance with your project specifications. Every piece is disposed of responsibly. As for fresh materials, we’ll deliver them to your property and make sure everything is installed perfectly. That includes:

  • Countertops

  • Cabinets

  • Flooring

  • Backsplashes

  • And more

Any remodeling project means living in a construction zone for a while. As a home or business owner, you can trust us to keep your spaces as clean and functional as possible the whole way through. We don’t let projects drag out, and we will always keep you in the loop about our progress. We wrap up every project with a thorough cleaning. Once every speck of dust is gone, we’ll get your approval of our work and head out. However, that’s not the end! We’ll give you a couple of days to live with our work and then follow up to make sure you’re still loving everything.

Whether it’s a simple counter swap or a full kitchen remodel, we’re the team you can trust to get it right.

Apex team
Since 2014


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